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Lori Conway Ray: A Light That Shines Bright

It is always a privilege to be able to shine a light on the accomplishments of well-deserving people. Lori Ray, a native of Charlotte North Carolina, has lived a remarkably successful and meaningful life and has been able to give back to her community in a multitude of ways. She is an ordained minister, author, screenwriter, success coach, wife, mother, and is currently employed by the federal government.

Mrs. Ray earned her bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Maryland, College Park, and her master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma. She is a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, an Excellent in Government Senior Fellows Graduate, and a former member of the New Southwest Toastmasters Club. Lori is also a member of the Spirit of Faith Christian Center Church (SOFCC) where she graduated from the SOFCC Bible Institute and became an ordained minister. She served as an instructor and taught in the G.E.D. Department. She is married to Deacon Reginald R. Ray and they are the proud parents of two sons and two grandchildren.

Mrs. Ray has a plethora of accomplishments to be proud of. She has published her book Shinespiration: The Courage to Allow Your Inner Light to Shine in January 2020. Her book provides powerful scriptures, motivational quotes, and messages that inspire the reader to take inventory with themselves, shine, and find their inner strength to walk with purpose. Even as the pandemic came out of nowhere, she still managed to have an online book tour for her readers.

Lori also has a budding career in the film and entertainment industry. Mrs. Ray recently worked on the set of two movies and is the travel coordinator for a current movie. She has also written three movie scripts and conducted multiple interviews on social media.

As a family woman, minister, dual-preneur and everything else that is happening in the world today, Mrs. Ray is still finding a way to make major moves. Currently, she is working on three new screenplays and several TV pilots. If that was not enough, Lori is also writing a children’s book and working on a motivational workshop. Mrs. Ray aspires to one day be a Ted Talk Speaker. As you can see. Lori Conway Ray does not let grass grow beneath her feet! Lori Conway Ray is the Ramsey’s Corner Featured Artist of the Week.

Lori Conway Ray’s advice to help our readers accomplish their goals and dreams:

Invest in yourself. Ask God to download strategies for what you are trying to achieve. A Dream written down with a date becomes A Plan, backed by an action becomes A Reality.

You can follow and learn more about Lori Conway Ray on her website and social media platforms. IG: @lorirayshines FB: loriconwayray Twitter: lorirayshines


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