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Actress Shalet Monique: Touching Lives Through Hope and Inspiration

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Shalet Monique is the Ramsey’s Corner Featured Artist of the week. She is an actress, humanitarian and entrepreneur who is spreading her wings across the nation and has made an impact in the film industry immediately. This dynamic woman has the talent, passion, drive, and history behind her to become a major influence to the film industry in the years to come.

But that is not all that makes up this lively woman who is a native of Willingboro, NJ. She knows the importance of paying homage to those that walked these roads before her. Shalet wants to continue the legacy of notable talents that are from Willingboro such as Olympic champion Carl Lewis. The talent runs deep in the family of Shalet Monique. The legendary and iconic actress Lena Horne is her great aunt. Her skilled training from TSAW (Tasha Smith Acting Workshop), Will Catlett, Tracy Moore and Carl Kennedy, MFA, and magnetic personality has afforded her the opportunity to grace the big screen. Shalet has had the opportunity to charm audiences on the screen in films such as Somethin’ In The Water, her first production and lead role that went on to win the Newark International Film Fest and Hands Up (Silver Lining Ent.) just to name a few.

Determined to be successful, live the life that she wanted and make a difference, Shalet has managed being a full- time mother, and obtain her Masters in Educational Leadership and Development all while moving from New Jersey to Atlanta to focus on her acting endeavors. The life learning characteristics and attributes she continues to sharpen, fuels her purpose and passion in supporting the youth become entrepreneurs in Fine Arts while she continues to leave an indelible mark in the entertainment industry.

Shalet relocated to the Atlanta Market in July 2020 and it did not take long before her drive was on full display. She had an in- person audition the day she landed in the “ATL” and has not stopped auditioning since. Ms. Monique also had the opportunity to audition for Rhyvnn Drummer within her first 45 days in Atlanta.

Most recently, she has completed her first free 6week virtual summer camp with the youths at her Non-Profit School DAO Academy (Defying All Odds). At DAO, the youth learned to create and perform their own work with Steven St. Pierre, award winning filmmaker of the short film "Corey" and seen on various tv shows including HBO's High Maintenance. Additionally, the youth built confidence with Nedge Victome, actress and career counselor seen on Diabolical, and participated in a mock Shark Tank course called "I AM'trepreneur" in which they grew their own business and pitched it to investors such as Carl Kennedy, seen on Tyler Perry’s the Have and The Have Nots, Greenleaf, MacGyver, Paradise Lost and so much more.

Over and above that, entrepreneur Christopher Ammanuel known for Black Lightning, Doom Patrol and Shots Fired, and Sarai Quinice, actress and serial entrepreneur, founder of "The Underground Nailroad and a plethora of other notable celebrities have also strongly supported the effort. The takeaway was they each walked out of the camp with $75 to further their business idea.

Shalet Monique recently wrapped shooting the film "Jennie" in which she played the role of Erica. “Jennie is written by Black Dinero and Dominique Janelle is the production manager. One of her highlights relocating to the “ATL” was joining Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant's Church, New Birth Ministries. She is grateful and gives credit to a sermon that He preached in New Jersey last year as being a life changer and major impact to her great start and success as an actress today.

Shalet Monique shed’s this light to help people accomplish their goals and dreams.

“Like my mentor and coach Carl Kennedy always tells me, "Whatever you believe in, you'll prepare for." “If God gave you the vision, he has already given you the tools to fulfill it. Believe in your vision, prepare for it to happen and never allow others to impose their fears onto you, Be a fearless dreamer.”

The sky is the limit with this young and gifted artist who aspires to use her exceptional gifts and art to tell powerful inspirational stories and touch the lives of millions with hope and inspiration. Shalet Monique can be found on Instagram @shaletmonique and at She can also be found at Shalet Monique on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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