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Managing Everything to Survive

We live in a very complicated society. In this day, we need to manage everything under the sun just to survive. Even for people that pride themselves on being simple and living a simple life, there can be no denying that life today is complicated all by itself. As such, there are so many things to manage for the average person today. Besides work, family and bills, these days you need to manage personal email, work email, voicemail, social media, smartphones, apps, personal computers, work computers, passwords, passcodes, files, systems, processes, security systems and the list goes on. When it comes to selecting a database or management system for our business or personal usage we have to choose which ones work best. We even need to manage the management systems themselves unless we hire someone to do it for us. As time passes it becomes much more difficult to stay relevant as technology is ever changing. It takes so much energy, skill, and knowledge just to stay ahead of the curve and it becomes much easier to get lost in the sauce, so to speak. I encourage you today however, to take on this challenge of managing everything as a way of improving the quality of your life. Don’t be afraid to continue your quest to learn, as learning is the key to sustaining your quality of life. I recommend asking a close friend or family member to give you a tutorial on some of the latest management applications. Additionally, there are various apps out their designed to help you manage your life. There are apps that you can manage aspects of your life by using digital calendars. In addition to using calendars there are apps and programs that are used for task management, time management and project management as well. Take the time to do some research using google, or YouTube. Maybe you can listen to a subject matter expert or speaker on a platform such as TED Talks to get spun up to speed. Another option is to check into taking classes at your local high school or community college. You can attend classes there at a very low cost to learn new ways to help you manage your life. Be encouraged and stay in the saddle as you continue managing everything to survive. You can do it!

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