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Taking Things for Granted

Over the years I have grown to understand it is best to be grateful in all things.

As human beings we are innately designed to take things for granted. We realize that we have taken things for granted when things we like, need, or value are taken away. As human beings we can go from having nothing to a lot and still be relatively ungrateful at what we have.

Yes, men and women alike, get accustomed to having things and most certainly the more we get, the more we want. But when is enough enough? It’s like an addiction. Popularity, affluence, influence, looks, prestige, and the list goes on. In these things, what are we really searching for? Could it be validation and acceptance? Or can it be the desire to be liked, admired, or loved? Do we want to be thought of as someone that people admire because we have obtained or acquired things?

I have come to understand that we should be grateful for having a little and grateful for having a lot. It is a blessing to have period. There are lessons in having nothing and plenty. We should be grateful at the opportunities to learn, grow, develop, and navigate each level and experience that comes with being alive. Life itself should not be taken for granted because every day is never promised. Be grateful today, every day and in all things. Until next time, be blessed.

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