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It Is Just A Draft

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

by Daryn Carl Ramsey

As a writer one of the things that I am still working on is getting past the fact that what I initially write is just a draft. There will be untitled edits before the final draft is published. However, I still battle and fight with myself (however less often) about not just getting it out, down, and filed for the edits to roll and for the finished product to be published. Is it partly procrastination? Yes. But you never get the production if you do not have a draft. In other words, something is better than nothing. You can work with something, but it is much harder to work with nothing. There is a time and place for perfection and excellence, and we are taught to always do your best, but your best is not always possible when you have limited time and resources. So, pull it together, edit, and publish. Every project does not need to be a masterpiece. Chances are, it will not be anyway.

For instance, if you want or need to provide a few written tips to someone or a group, you do not need to prepare as extensively or have the level of material that you would need to present at a major university or corporation where you are being graded or compensated. Again, there is a time for excellence. I am not saying that mediocrity is what you aim for or quantity is better than quality. Please do not miss the point. The objective here is to help you understand that you can get your point across without maximizing your abilities every time. Perfection can sometimes mask itself as procrastination that will stop you from being productive and making a difference.

So, get those ideas on paper and into the world. Flesh them out, edit, add, and revise your material. In other words, be effective and release when you feel what you created will serve the purpose or do what you intended. Your best will not always be possible. Save the stress and exhaustive research for major projects. Remember, it is just a draft!

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