Pre-release Reviews for Bold & Crazy Faith: The Inspirational

September 6, 2019


There is a zeal which is felt in the tenor of this written work, which communicates that the life of the author has been transformed, as a result of Bold & Crazy Faith.  And it is because of his Bold & Crazy Faith, he tenderly, yet emphatically and successfully offers his readers a snapshot of what a life of freedom and peace looks like, if we choose to have Bold & Crazy Faith in God, through Christ Jesus!  This literary work is even sure to reignite the fire in those who are already Christian! Well done, Daryn Ramsey!


- Audra Hill



Bold & Crazy Faith is an exhilarating read which helped me to renew my mind when I was feeling defeated as a business owner, feeling as though I was fighting an uphill battle.  Daryn, through his knowledge and words of inspiration, guides readers through the steps of strengthening our Faith by providing verses, biblical examples and life experiences to support GODs promise of his unchanging love.  I highly suggest investing in this book.  It’s a refreshing read if you feel as though your "Faith" is failing or even if you need a boost to that ‘Next Level Faith’ that you have longed for.


- Deni Anderson



Bold & Crazy Faith is a book I wished I would have had access to when I started my walk with Christ.  
Daryn explains the challenges Christians have and provides examples from the Bible showing how similar issues back then were handled using Bold & Crazy Faith! 
Daryn continues to give you his real-life experiences as confirmation that you can overcome your battles/circumstances using the word of God today!
I remember as a new Christian, I faced so many challenges and I was not sure if the challenges were normal or if I was over-analyzing. After reading this book I understand that most Christians experience the same thing. Daryn breaks down what to do when the enemy attacks and how the attack may present itself. Even as a seasoned Christian, the book was such a helpful reminder that being a child of God we have the power to overcome anything that comes our way and to go after what our hearts desire. 
Bold & Crazy Faith is truly an inspirational book that I believe Christians should read. It provides helpful scriptures and insight on how to become who we were created to become as long as you understand how to use the tools that God gave us.  
As for me, it reignited my fire of faith by reminding me of the amazing power I possess, that we all possess because we have the comforter, the Holy Spirit living in us. And, the Holy Spirit will always lead us into all truth as long as we just trust God!  Awesome read Daryn!
- Magdalina Sylvain

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