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Time Management Via Short Statements

In this day and age of hurriedness, short statements in regards to personal and business matters has become more crucial than ever before. Short statements have grown to be one of the preferred methods that we communicate whether it be by email, text or in person. Nowdays, everyone is trying to get more and more done in shorter periods of time so, using short statements verbally and in writing saves time, helps maximize productivity and equates to effective communication. 

In life, the average person has many responsibilities to handle both personally and professionally. As such, short and to the point communication is in high demand. Do you remember the phrase "Time is money"? Well, it used to be a common phrase that described the importance and value of time as it relates to business and money. Although this phrase is not used as often as it once was, it probably rings more truth today than it did long ago. Whether its in the agenda of a meeting, summary of a syllabus, or report of a business trip, short statements are becoming the preferred method in the way we communicate. 

I've noticed over the last few years that some choose to send there email message in the form of a short statement on the subject line instead of the body area where content is usually found. Also, I'm guessing that Outlook, Gmail and others have designed their inbox to inform you just by viewing the first line or two before opening the actual email. This gives the email recipient a heads-up on the content based on the sneak peek of what was read before opening.  Short statements that are clear and concise are the name of the game in time management and effective communication. So remember. Keep it short and sweet if possible when communicating. People that have developed this skill are  usually considered to be effective and efficient communicators.

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