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The Case for Humanity: Who's Up Next?

The world is a much different place than it was 40, 30, 20 or even 15 years ago. Over the years it has become hard to distinguish the middle class from the poor but distinguishing the rich from the middle class has become significantly easier.

If the poor only knew, the middle class is only one or two checks away from joining their class, they would be much more than pleasantly surprised, they might even be terrified.

Similarly, if the rich only knew the middle class is only one or two checks away from eventually being classified as poor, they would be much more than pleasantly surprised, but would they be terrified?

Maybe not or maybe so. The problem here is we are not as confident the rich fully understands what this means.

The world is living at warp speed and as a result has become much less in touch with the realities of what is going on with the classes and the plight of humanity.

On a large scale the world has become much less empathetic and tolerant of the issues that the lower and middle classes face. But what are we doing to fix that?

As a believer, we know that even when we get stretched from every direction, things get tight and our resources are limited we still find a way. We find a way to take care of ourselves and we find a way to support others who need our assistance. 

How many of you know that to whom much is given much is required? You should never be confused when God blesses you by thinking he blesses you for only you. God blesses you to be a blessing to others.

Imagine if everyone knew this. What would the world be like because of knowing? What would the world be like if we all acted in a small way to make change?

Yes, there are many blessings that have your name on it.  However, imagine if you shared your blessings because it is the right thing to do and because you know that you will be blessed even more.

Remember you reap what you sow, and it is better to give than receive.

On the other hand, the world is getting better creating initiatives and causes to help mankind. Habitat for Humanity, Make A Wish Foundation and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America are a few of the more well known.

Be the Match and Pay It Forward are two others that supports the case for humanity and has been around for decades. However, we can do even more.

We all must do our part to make the world a better place. Especially right now.

As I stated above. The world is a much different place than it was years ago. As for me and besides my normal giving. I am going to pay it forward. I will pay the toll for the person trailing me on Route 95 in Maryland.

Every little bit counts, and after all, the tolls that I am paying cost $4 and $8. I need to make myself look good on my blog, so I will pay the $8 toll ~SMILE~!

Who’s up next? Will it be you? What causes are you inspired to contribute?  

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Can you think of any other inspirational causes that can be mentioned to make a difference and support the case for humanity presented here at Ramsey’s Corner? Please share the name and #hashtag to bring awareness and inspire change.

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Until next time. Be blessed!

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