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Teleah Moore: A Content Creator At Heart

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Teleah Moore is a playwright, author, and screenwriter. A native of Harrisburg, PA, she enjoys creating family-friendly, faith-based media and entertainment. Her vision is to write and produce stories that help make the world a better place. This year, Teleah published her fourth children's book titled, G is for Grief: The ABC's of Coping with Loss.

A talented and dedicated professional, her script and feature film, The Third Day was selected as a Semi-Finalist in the Big Apple Film Festival & Screenplay Competition. It was also selected as a Quarterfinalist in the Page Turner Screenplay Faith-Based Competition.

Keeping busy is an understatement. Teleah Moore has been doing yeoman’s work and it is showing in productivity. Currently, she has six writing projects in various stages of development for film and television. Her aspirations are to option some of her work and obtain a distribution deal for her documentary, The Son We Lost.

Our featured artist offers advice to those that are interested in accomplishing their goals and dreams. Teleah states, “Never despise humble beginnings.” She believes that getting started on and endeavor is never easy and adds that if you accept the challenge of starting, take it in stride and enjoy each moment of the process. This is sound advice from an artist who is a wife, mom, and entrepreneur that has had to juggle family responsibilities and multiple projects with her business the Vonn Media Group for some time.

A dedicated family woman who loves to create content. Mrs. Teleah Moore is the Ramsey’s Corner Featured Artist of the week.

Fans and followers can find Teleah Moore on Instagram @iamteleahmoore. Subscribe to Teleah’s updates on her website at

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