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Smartphones and Our Dependency

I was in the airport recently and observed nearly everyone around me using their smartphones. I have to be frank, this is not the first time that I have observed this somewhat new phenomenon. In fact, I have engaged in conversation with my wife, as well as others on this topic. Yet, on this day, my observation was intensified by the sheer quantity of people using smartphones that were within my view. 

After observing this phenomenon on such a large scale, I began to think about not only how far technology has come, but how smartphones in particular have replaced other interests and activities that we involve ourselves in times past. I began to wonder what each person was doing on their smartphone. Was it business or pleasure? There was no way of telling, however, there was a good chance they preferred using their smartphones rather than just sitting idle.

The possibilities are vast with a plethora of selections to choose from. The complexities that this particular technology brings is mind-boggling. At one point I actually counted the amount of people that I could see. Out of thirty four people, thirty two were using their smartphones. The other two were asleep. As for myself I was charging my phone. Had I not been I would have been like the majority of the others, either sleep or using my phone. 

The world has become a much different place than in years past. Everything is moving rapidly from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to technology that is ever changing. Software quickly becomes obsolete almost as fast as it is produced. There are numerous applications on our smartphones that we use as entertainment such as games, music, reading, and videos. Additionally there are apps that we use to communicate, research, network and manage our lives more effectively.   

In my opinion we have developed a dependency on smartphones in the modern era. We have become dependent by default. In a sense, the world demands that people become competent in the usage of smartphones and their applications. Essentially, smartphones have become practical even from the sheer standpoint that the accessibility to toll phones are nearly non-existent and next to impossible. I really don't know if the popularity in cellphones and later smartphones contributed to the decline of toll phones however, smartphones are a necessity for many reasons.

From the practical standpoint smartphones are needed for contact in emergency situations. From a functional understanding, it is very difficult to function and even harder to function at a high level without a smartphone. Mobile banking and money management can be accomplished from just about anywhere by using smartphones. Not only is it convenient, but it allows the end user the opportunity to save money in transportation cost by not having to physically go to the bank. Furthermore, using smartphones for personal banking transactions assist with time and task management. From my observations, smartphone usage is necessary to be relevant in today's society. Email communications are conducted on smartphones. Bills can be paid using smartphones. Important documents can be scanned and faxed using smartphones and the list goes on. To that end, smartphones are merely portable computers. The world has dictated that at a minimum, we all have basic knowledge and experience with smartphones to be relevant in the 21st century.

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