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Quarantine Opportunities

It is very easy to look at our current status as it relates to COVID 19 as a time where we are mostly limited in the things we can do. And there is some truth to that status. However, time is an important factor and valuable commodity that we have at our disposal. Use this down time to do something you have been wanting to do for a long time. Perhaps you have not had time to privy yourself to some of the latest and most popular software. Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. Take a training class and learn a new skill that will help you enhance your professional skills or personal life. Enroll in an online college class and get one or two steps closer to getting that degree that has been eluding you. Some online classes are accelerated and only take 8 weeks to complete. By the time we begin coming out of this quarantine you will have completed one or two classes. For some, this will be all you need to graduate. Be determined to use this time in quarantine as an opportunity to expand your horizons. Many will be blessed in this time as they will discover more about themselves. When things slow down there is more opportunity to focus, prioritize and gain clarity. Expand your territory during these times and when you look back you will be glad you took advantage of the time to get some things done and be productive.

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