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How to Use Faith Planning: The Concept

Faith planning is a spiritual and skilled approach

Faith planning is the spiritual and skilled approach to initiating your plan and putting it into motion.

Go into your project with the faith that it will work out because it lines up with Gods plans and his will.

Envision the project, goal, or dream being completed.

Think of the result and what it would look like complete and finish.

But don't only envision what it will look like, envision what it will feel like to you, and the effects on everyone that will be impacted by the outcome and results.

Did the planning for the project, goal, or dream completely serve its purpose? Are the results what you expected?

Did the project exceed your expectations and the expectations of others?

Envision the celebration of faith planning and joyful faces

Use this as enthusiasm, encouragement and motivation along the way.

And lastly, always acknowledge and celebrate your victories while you can for a job well done.

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