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Holiday Traditions Old & New

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Once again the holiday season is upon us. For many the holiday season means keeping the family and organizational traditions alive.

Whether it be polishing the old silverware that has been passed down through the generations or preparing and participating in the annual company Holiday party, the old traditions are still near and dear to hearts.

But what about new holiday traditions? Is there a place for them? I thought you’d never ask. Of course! But let me say this. For some of us who may be considered older and are pretty set in how we like to celebrate the season, let’s not be so rigid or even downright frigid when it comes to being open at the suggestion or implementation of new traditions.

Imagine how great it would be to mix the old with the new.

Instead of having a traditional family meal at grandma or grandpa’s house why not be open to letting the younger family members plan a holiday meal for the family at a desirable location elsewhere.

After all, times are changing and all traditions have to start somewhere.

Peace to you and your family this holiday season. God bless!

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