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Faith Production

As mature Christians we have lived a life that has exhibited the growth and development of faith that produces fruit. We have learned that if we trust and believe we will receive, as long as it is in God's will. Our Christian experiences, and ripeness in the faith, has articulated to us the kind of boldness that we can say to any mountain, "Mountain you are nothing but a technicality, a hindrance, an obstacle that God has empowered me by faith to move, to hurdle, to overcome." Our faith assures us the mountain shall be defeated. The fact that we have faith is evidenced by the work that we put in and the production that comes out. James 2:17 put’s it plainly, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. It's the certainty that we have, when we are actively pursuing, producing, and achieving things we desire, that are in line with God's will for our lives, and the lives of others. As such, our faith is productive, bearing fruit that blesses us and manifest itself in the people that are closest to us. Faith + Works = Completeness. You see, our faith is functioning harmoniously with our works and is made complete by our actions (works).  As faith agents of God we inspire, we motivate, we witness by example the confidence that we have in Him. Having been tried and tested thus always knowing. He that has begun a good work in us, shall continue to perform it until the very end. We have the VICTORY that is found in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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