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Chip Chopping At Your Goals and Dreams

Goals and dreams are not easy to accomplish. If they were easy, there would not be any reason to plan for them because they could be attained today. Goals and dreams are more attainable if we chip and chop away at the requirements that need to met almost methodically. We chip away at all of the layers that need to be removed, little by little, step by step, and one step at a time. We chip away at the barriers, we chop away at the material, we chip away at the doubters and naysayers, we chop away at the self doubt and weariness. We build a foundation, we memorize the principles, and we learn from our mistakes. We also lean on our faith and perseverance to stay the course. I will be sharing in other post the details of tried and true plans to success. Ramsey's Corner would like to know how you achieved your goals and dreams. Become a member today! Share with others about how you chipped and chopped away at your goals and dreams, so that they eventually became a reality. Talk to you soon and thank you!

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