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Brevity Is the New Black

There is a time and place for putting out your best work in business. However, everything does not need to be A-one or five star. Racking your brain in an email as if you were writing a best seller is counterproductive. In fact, striving for perfection in every task and assignment can be detrimental to your success. Is someone grading you on your written or verbal communication skills 100% of the time? If not, why would you try to craft the perfect email when there is no money on the line. The excessive time taken could be better used as time selling, networking or collaborating to make money. I understand that money is not the only driver in business. Serving others in business while using your gifts and skills is meaningful and a blessing at the same time. Every so often we forget the main objective of what we are trying to accomplish. I know that I can sometimes be guilty of this. What I am saying is pick and choose when you need to do your best and know when average is accepted. There is a time for informal and formal, casual and professional. In case you have not noticed. Brevity is the new black.

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