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Author Christian Covington: Motivated to Encourage

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Christian Covington is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a motivational speaker, mentor, and author. As a motivator, Mr. Covington enjoys encouraging people around the world to spread love and positivity as he helps them understand that they are champions. Through God’s inspiration, he loves to encourage people to find their purpose in life and walk in it with confidence.

In July of 2017, Christian N. Covington Ministries prayerfully published The Champs Are Here, which is to be the first book in the Pathway to Leadership series. The Champs Are Here is well suited for Christians who are already involved in leadership and those who aspire to leadership. The book touts, “Why take the "rules" of leadership from secular books when God's word provides all the guidance and direction you need.” The Champs Are Here has proven to be the go-to book for many desiring to become more effective leaders.

Christian offers this advice to readers. “You need to believe in yourself, trust the process, keep the faith, perfect your craft and work towards what you want to accomplish.” “Never give up.” He strongly believes that whatever you want to accomplish in life you should, write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it (Habakkuk 2:2 ESV).

Mr. Covington is a man with lofty goals and dreams as he aspires to author many more books and make movies that will continue to encourage, inspire, and motivate people around the world. Christian Covington holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and is pursuing a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Christians book The Champs Are Here is available on Amazon in paperback and fans can find and follow him on Instagram @ChristianNCovington and Facebook- ChristianCovington.

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