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An Interview with Relationships Coach Stephen L. Robinson

Stephen L. Robinson is a 33 year old Relationship Blogger, Speaker, Author and Coach. He developed a passion for relationships when his own relationship was on the fence with instances of infidelity on both parties. Stephen has now became an activist for relationships with a simple mission -To revolutionize relationships for the better. When Stephen is not coaching singles, couples or hosting relationship workshops, he enjoys reading, writing, sky diving,

traveling & eating tons of different foods.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: How did you make the decision to become a relationship coach? Are there any other relationship coaches out there that you have collaborated with and would like to collaborate with?

Stephen L. Robinson: How I decided to become a relationship coach was because I was in two long term relationships that ended in pure heartbreak and turmoil for me. The first woman I was with was a total of eight years and I found out that she cheated on me with 13 different men. Then the second woman I was with left me for another man and started a family with him. I could have blamed them completely for it because of their character or something, However I took personal responsibility and started to look at what I could have done better. So, in that time I started studying relationships because I wanted to make sure this never happen to me again. As I started to study I became knowledgeable friends and family started asking me for advice and the advice that I was giving them was very sound advice. So, someone said why don’t you go to school to be a relationship therapist. At that time, I already had two degrees I didn’t want to go back to school. So, someone was like you can be a relationship coach you don’t need a degree for that. I considered it for a while & bam here I am now.

I have collaborated with a few other coaches and definitely would love to collaborate with more. I strongly believe it important to work as a team to be able to reach more people to help Revolutionize Relationships for the Better.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: Do you frequent or host any conferences or workshops?

Stephen L. Robinson: Yes, I do frequent conferences & workshops I believe those are very vital to me growing in my craft and networking. Also, yes, I do host workshops locally right now I have one coming up Sept 14, 2019 in Irvington New Jersey.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: What is your take on networking socially vs in person?

Stephen L. Robinson: My take on networking socially vs in person I’m thinking you mean on social networking sites correct? Well networking in person is always a great way to interact with someone as you can see facial expressions. Body expressions.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: Can you give our readers one relationship tip today?

Stephen L. Robinson: The relationship tip I would give today is “Courtship should NEVER end in a relationship.” To many people get into relationships and the things they did to win that person’s heart they stop doing. Men never stop pursuing your woman and woman never stop respecting your man.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: What is one of the biggest problems that couples face in relationships and how can they work through it?

Stephen L. Robinson: One of the biggest problems I see that couples face is the ability to effectively communicate. Because everyone communicates but not everyone can communicate effectively. Things they can do to work through that is one simple one and it’s ask your partner how you can communicate with them better. A lot of times they will give you the answer to how you can strengthen your communication with them. Another one is going to relationship retreats, conferences, and workshops. You can read books on communication. Or seek a relationship coach, counselor, or therapist.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: So, Stephen we are both from Jersey. What do you like about New Jersey that is difficult to find anywhere else?

Stephen L. Robinson: We are one of two states where we don’t have to pump our own gas. Which means we don’t have to get out the car which provides more jobs.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: Is there one thing about you that most people don’t know but may find interesting?

Stephen L. Robinson: I never wanted to be a relationship coach, I wanted to be in the CIA and a field agent, and I applied for a position with them which I never got the job but that was my goal.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: Do you find certain relationship issues more prevalent because of a person’s culture or region or are almost all relationship issues universally balanced?

Stephen L. Robinson: That’s a great question. However, in my personal experience I find them to be about the same just from the people I coach or the people that I interview for my book.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: Are you a Dualpreneur? If so, what are some of the challenges that you face trying to balance?

Stephen L. Robinson: No, I am not actually, as of right now I’m focused on one thing at a time & that’s the success of my coaching business. I want to open up the RYR academy it will consist of a coaching practice kind of like how people have a therapy practice with different therapist that work for the practice. RYR stands for Revolutionize Your Relationship- Academy.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: Stephen since our aim here at Ramsey’s Corner is to inspire, can you inspire someone who may have given up on love, or being married?

Stephen L. Robinson: Absolutely. Find your-self-worth through God first. Know you are his child and you are precious. When you do that you won’t need no one to complete you and in that time. God will bring people into your life who is a suitable partner. However, if you build your relationship with God he will give you discernment for who is a good fit for you or not. He won’t choose your mate for you that’s your job, but he will speak to you. You just have to listen.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: How can our readers find out about what you have going on and where can they find you?

Stephen L. Robinson: Follow me on Instagram @StephenLRobinson or check out my website from time to time.

Daryn Carl Ramsey: Stephen it was a really pleasure having you interview with Ramsey's Corner. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to inspire our readers and me as well. Please come back to share some tips to help our readers in the area of relationships soon. Until next time, be blessed!

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