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A Star On the Rise: Author & Actor Kai Jae

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

It is a pleasure and delight to feature this accomplished artist and entrepreneur on Ramsey’s Corner. Our focus is all things inspirational and this artist is certainly one that inspires. Today, we feature Kai Jae, a writer, actor, and lover of all things creative. She is creative indeed. A fifth-generation Washingtonian and native of the District of Columbia, Kai Jae strives to be all that God intends for her to be. For years, she struggled with negative thinking and self-doubt, until one day, she made an important decision to make herself uncomfortable. Kai Jae’s decision to step out on faith and trust God afforded her the opportunity to sincerely explore the desires of her heart. In doing so, she penned her first novel, 40 and Waiting.

Determined to break the cycle of negativity, she finds joy in spreading positivity and encouraging others to be the best versions of themselves. Our featured artist is the consummate example of how wanting to fulfill your passion and purposes and having faith and dedication will lead to great success. She believes maintaining and sustaining her mental, emotional, and spiritual well- being during the COVID-19 pandemic has been quite an accomplishment and blessing that she does not take for granted.

In these difficult times in quarantine there are days that she has struggled to be positive and productive. Yet, Kai Jae considers the many days that she has managed to encourage herself and others as an accomplishment. It is comforting to know that many people have complimented her for her inspirational post on Instagram, although they do not realize, that often she is intending to encourage herself. Additionally, Kai Jae believes sharing her testimonies is a part of the plan that God has for her and intends for his people. It is also her belief that when we share, this directly affects the healing and blessings that take place in others.

This creative on the move released her novel 40 and Waiting in March 2020. Since then, much of her focus and time has been spent promoting it. 40 and Waiting is a major accomplishment for Kai Jae as it is the first-time, she recognized the call by God to do something. The book is skillfully written, very compelling and is crushing its objectives. 40 and Waiting continues to receive positive feedback from women who have been encouraged to not lose hope about being found by the "One". In addition to being an author and publisher, Kai Jae continues to pursue acting and has been cast in a few local projects in recent months, including Baltiwood, a faux documentary slated to air in 2021.

She feels that your mindset is the only thing stopping you from accomplishing your goals and dreams. Even though she knows it may sound corny to some, she understands, what you believe, you will achieve. For her, faith is critical. Kai Jae offers this advice.

“We often get caught up in the logistics of things - how something is going to happen. If God birthed a dream in you, it is not your job to worry about the how. Your job is to pursue the dream with all your might and walk in confidence in knowing that God will make it happen.”

Kai Jae is currently working on a script for the movie adaptation of her book 40 and Waiting. When God gave her the vision for 40 and Waiting, she saw it very clearly as a movie. However, not knowing what to do with the vision, she decided to write it as a book. She is proclaiming and waiting, knowing that God’s Will, will not be done, until 40 and Waiting is on the big screen. As such, she continues to be obedient to his plan.

She also has two movie treatments and a TV bible but needs to work on the scripts. One of the key components to her success is identifying how to stop living in fear and start walking by faith. Since then, God has opened so many doors for her and now she is an unstoppable force to be respected and reckoned with. It is a new day. This formidable woman of God is pursuing every dream that is birthed inside of her and is genuinely excited about her future.

A graduate of Dartmouth College and Howard University, Kai Jae holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s degree in Public Administration. Her book 40 and Waiting is available on Amazon and at You can follow Kai Jae on Instagram @just_kaijae.

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