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How to build your faith one Friday at a time; implementing various faith building techniques into your lifestyle.

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Inspirational writing to enlighten, encourage, & motivate from a spiritual perspective.

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  • Let's be real here. You can not have great faith from the outset. No way. Building your FAITH is foundational. Increase your connectivity and access to the word and you will see your faith increase steadily. Well sir, what do you mean by connectivity and access to the word? I thought you'd never ask. Your access and connectivity to the word can be a daily devotional or prayer partner. It can be a Christian podcast or audiobook. - Your access and connectivity can be group or corporate prayer. - How about the people that you are connected to? Are they speaking life into you by the word of God? If so, they are your access and connectivity to the word If you want to build your faith increase your access and connectivity to the word and get ready for your increase in advance. It's Faith Building Friday. Let's Go!
  • Initiation is the first major step that needs to be taken when you aspire to accomplish your goals and dreams. See below as I breakout the Initiation Phase. 1. Vision - Pay close attention to reoccurring visions that you are passionate about. God will give you insight through your visions and dreams of the direction that He wants you to follow. 2. Prayer - Pray that God confirms or verifies your visions by providing you peace and not anxiety as you make the decision to move toward the direction that He is leading you into. 3. Research - research and study the topic of the vision to determine how to begin. Gather the data to include resources, requirements and timelines that are needed to accomplish the goals and dreams. 4. Mentor - find an expert or experts that will use their knowledge, experience and failures to protect and prevent you from making many costly errors that would be detrimental to your success. Mentors also provide motivation and accountability to keep you focused on the various task and through the many setbacks.
  • I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed myself immensely during the winter storm that walloped a large part of our country the last few days. The storm that I am referring to had a memorable name. The “ Bomb Cyclone”! I will never forget it. A storm so bold that it demanded respect. This Bomb Cyclone was rough and packed quite a punch. Would this be the prelude and anticipation of some kind of explosion or supernatural crunch. Would it be a tree crackling and slamming down to the ground, with an impressive thundering sound, or would it be the collision of two or more vehicles clamoring down. Nope, it was just the Bomb Cyclone whistling through our ears. Winds and snow and rain you know, as intimidating as a bully taking your gloves. As intimidating as walking barefoot in the snow. The kind of weather that could make you hunker down and retreat to your couch with a piece of pie. And yet this “ Bomb Cyclone ”, gave way to a barbeque in the blizzard for my wife and I. I must admit “this”, is something that we sometimes do, “that is” barbeque in the winter, a cookout of sorts for just us two. We can tackle the world my wife and I, so why cower down for some boring pie. To plan something much more exciting for just us two. There is nothing more romantic than a barbeque in the blizzard and dinner for two. To my lovely and awesome wife. I love you boo! Images Courtesy of
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